About us

The Glocal Workshop/L’Atelier Glocal/El Taller Glocal/Die Glokale Werkstatt

Our project was born in 2017 and it has known many adventures and misadventures It was born from the meeting of groups and individuals engaged for many years in publishing, translation, writing and militant activities for freedom, justice and democracy. We have formalized this project in an association declared in France, but having members and partners in the four corners of the planet We have a large volume of unpublished or untraceable texts in various languages ​​We are a glocal workshop, it is that is, we aim for a global (global) audience with books coming from our local roots. We are human and therefore, nothing human is alien to us. We use machines trying not to become slaves to them. We operate horizontally and cooperatively according to two principles: 1- One man = One woman = One vote. 2 – The right person in the right place. We therefore do not establish any hierarchy between authors, translators, publishers, illustrators, sellers and other stakeholders. We refuse to lock ourselves into too narrow specializations, trying to share the work in the most reasonable and consistent way possible. We believe in the given word and we do not judge anyone.

Our schedule

We start our publications with 12 books in French, 6 books in Spanish and 5 books in English. Other books and languages ​​will follow. For our books in German, they will continue to be sold by ProMosaik editions, co-founders of AThe Glocal Workshop, on the German platform epubli.

Our proposals

If you wish to write to us, or to one of our authors, or to join our association, or to work with us on a specific point or more broadly, or to submit a manuscript, or to become a partner, or to make an internship, or to propose a translation, write to [email protected], specifying in the subject of the email: “Editors”, “Author”, “Association”,  “Coworking”, “Manuscript”, “Internship”. We will respond asap.

Our publication conditions

Any publication will be the subject of a prior written contract between L’Atelier Glocal and the persons concerned, specifying the rights and duties of each. As we are non-profit, we plan to invest our financial income in new productions and to reward any person concerned by expressing the need based on sales, according to a percentage defined in our contract. It should be noted that the active core of our project is made up of unpaid volunteers and that the money necessary to remunerate certain external services is collected from the members of our association.


We are simultaneously launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the outside services we need. Feel free to contribute ! Every cent counts!

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