Berlin’s Money (Monika Karbowska)

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The foundations of German political parties as a tool of imperial politics, euphemistically described as ‘soft power’.

  • The Glocal Workshop/workshop19
  • IN THE PILLORY Series Nr. 1
  • Translated by Zahra Khammassi
  • 34 pages
  • Format : A5
  • Publication date: 2/5/2022
  • ISBN Paperback 978-9938-862-27-0
  • ISBN Ebook 978-9938-862-56-0

Version française


They are literally everywhere, from Ukraine to Venezuela, from Tunisia to Senegal: the six foundations linked to German political parties have 300 offices abroad, far exceeding the number of German embassies and consulates. They have an annual budget that has passed the half-billion-euro mark. Over the years, they have become an instrument of the soft imperial politics of the German state, happily practising “democratic” interference in all its forms all over the world. Their main weapon is the money they distribute generously. Intended to compete, they in fact work closely together for the same goal: to serve the interests of the state that finances them with taxpayers’ money and to “propose the German democratic model” wherever people move. The beneficiaries of this generosity are rarely aware of the ins and outs and the real objectives of this policy. May this work enlighten them from the shining Polish example.


Ebook-EN, Paperback

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