China, the world, and us (Rudolph Bauer)

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A contrasting approach to Chinese and Western history and culture

To be able to understand and evaluate the development of the People’s Republic of China, which from a Western perspective is in part breathtaking, it makes sense to become familiar with the history and culture of the country, its several thousand years of tradition and its revolutionary development in a nuanced and meticulous manner. However, interpreting China’s history can be confusing because it differs from European history in many respects. This includes power relations, territorial expansion, economy, society, philosophy and statecraft, foreign domination, and rebellions. Besides the peculiarities and differences, however, similarities and parallels can also be identified when comparing Chinese conditions with those in Europe or in Germany.

  • Rudolph Bauer
  • The Glocal Workshop/ProMosaik LAPH
  • The Tezcatlipoca Series Nr. 4
  • Translated by by John Catilinotto and Milena Rampoldi
  • 108 pages
  • Format : A5
  • Publication date: May 2022
  • ISBN Paperback 978-9938-862-44-7
  • ISBN Ebook 978-9938-862-45-4

Ebook-EN, Paperback

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