I am giving birth to you Palestine-Anti-Zionist Fragments (Milena Rampoldi)

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24 poems to express revolt, hope, love, against occupation, cynicism and hatred

  • Milena Rampoldi
  • ProMosaik LAPH/The Glocal Workshop
  • Translated by the author, edited by John Catalinotto
  • « In Letters of Blood » Series Nr. 1
  • 32 p.
  • Format : A5
  • Publication date: May 2022
  • ISBN Paper 978-9938-862-42-3
  • ISBN Ebook 978-9938-862-43-0

Version française
Versión española


“Anti-Zionists? No, anti-Semites!”: this is what the black crows of the hasbara, the schnorrers of the “Promised Land” tirelessly caw, and this is no doubt how they will try to disqualify these 24 poems of love for a people and a land whose holiness has been flouted for a century by invaders who have given up on the expectation of the Messiah. Poems by Milena Rampoldi, a woman, a mother, a sister, who shares the suffering, the belief, the revolt and the undying hope of her Palestinian sisters.


Ebook-EN, Paperback

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